Because It Takes More Than the Proper Equipment To Create A Better Part.

PrecisionForm has dedicated its resources to the rigorous demands of the Automotive, Electrical, Electronics, Aerospace and Building Industries. No matter what your requirements, PrecisionForm will utilize the best methodology to produce the most economical part. Our commitment is to provide our customers with the highest quality, value pricing and responsive deliveries.

As a market leader in custom small parts, PrecisionForm clearly believes in the efficiency and high production rates afforded by precision cold forming. However, we know it's our wide array of machining and technical services that together meet our customers' demands.

From initial part design through final production we work hand-in-hand to adhere to your production objectives-in many cases even producing prototypes in order to assure total customer satisfaction.

In addition, PrecisionForm's integration of Statistical Process Controls in the manufacturing process assures that dimensional integrity and high rates of productivity are maintained. Whether you need a standard fastener, rivet, or a more complex part, PrecisionForm is prepared to meet your requirements.

A Partnership For Productivity.

The key to PrecisionForm's total service philosophy is to meet with our customers in the early design stages, and as often as necessary through every phase of manufacturing. Whether it's the development of a new part, or a value analysis of an existing component, our service philosophy dictates that our customers become our partners to meet or exceed specific performance objectives. From design conference to shipment, PrecisionForm offers a single-source responsibility for your quality cold formed or machined parts. Our customer service representatives, along with manufacturing engineers and support staff want to work with you to design and produce the most cost-effective solution to your precision parts requirements. Our experience also allows us to suggest different material grades or alloys as well as surface finishes.

We value our business partner relationships and guarantee that complete confidentiality exists in proprietary design and production characteristics of your specific part.

Complete Flexibility in Manufacturing Methods.

Only PrecisionForm offers complete flexibility that integrates cold forming, machining, or a combination of both processes. Many parts that were exclusively produced by screw machine, casting, forging, powder metallurgy or impact extrusion processes are now manufactured through our multi-die progressive cold forming techniques. PrecisionForm's rotary transfer machines, CNC lathes and machining centers provide automatic station-to-station indexing for accurate secondary operations. Our goal is to minimize raw material cost and eliminate costly scrap and wasteful operations.

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